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                 Skal vi ta følge? - Will we go along?  Drawing, pencil on handmade rice paper, 70x50cm 2020

About to cross

These days my first association to crossing goes to all the people crossing the Mediterranean Sea having to leave their homes because of wars, facing dangers and uncertainty.
People at all times have of various reasons been crossing all kind of seas and barriers to such an extent that The Crossing has become a symbolic meaning in our mental setup. Crossings are important themes in mythologies, all thoughts of life and narratives. It seems crossings are basic in human nature, a driving force.
Almost 40 years back, when I was about to take my first travel to the other side of the globe I was filled with the thrill of both expectations and deep fear of the unknown and all what could happen.
A friend was requesting me to ask the book of I Ching about my coming travel, I Ching unfolded about crossing the Great Waters. In my mental setup and thoughts about life I was never the same after this travel and continued a restless quest for insight in human life through various societies around the world.

Pencil drawing on handmade rice paper 70x50cm, 2020

Drawing from 1993 revisited,

The starting of this drawing was in the forest of Meghalaya, India. Winter 1993
I was very fascinated by the thoughts on all human structures being perishable.

I had been in many environments in the world seeing relics peeping out from the ground, reminders of many different histories. The Soil consists of layers and layers of human activity disintegrated by the trees and plants with the help of insects. I realized that one day the structures of our time will be grind down in the soil. The trees having enormous force of growing made impact on me.

I had strange experiences, in situations when I had been very scared or sad, a huge blue butterflie had been landing in front of me as some kind of help. Their beauty had been catching my eyes making me endure.

Now, these days my concern and worries are about climate change and loss of biotopes, what will happen with all creatures and plants as we know them? Will they still be able to grow and thrive? What will happen to human beings if they disappear?

Pastel and mixed media on handmade paper 42 x54 cm

Oily dish, pencil on paper, 63 x 38 cm

Your food and my food, pencil on paper, 2013, 64 x 44 cm